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Digital Photography-Rain Drops @ Macro mode -Water Droplets Snapped from Nature after a Rain.Testing Digital Camera of Fuji Finepix S7500 S700, for its Super-Macro Mode Photographic Potentials

Digital Photography in Macro mode. Not just digital macros, but digital super macros, as the special focus mode is named in the digital cam of Fuji Film. The maximum minimum distance that can be focused was seen as 4 cms in the camera manual, but could't get something that closer eventhough i tried. The focus length was shown as 6mm in all photos taken with super macro mode.

The camera showed pretty brilliant close focusing than something without a super macro focus. Anyway can't expect a stunning photo capture form this point and shoot 7MegaPixel camera, like we may get from a digital SLR with macro lenses. Provided if the subject is well lit and have a contrasting colour from the background canvas, you are gonna get awesome clearly focused photographs.

Raindrop in Green Leaf

rain drop photo in macro closeup camera focus,rain droplet in garden plant green leaf,droplet closeupJust some digital snaps of rain water drops i got from garden plants just after a rain. Being always amazed by the tiny wonders of tiny world around us, always gives a try to snap them whenever i can, especially if a new camera comes in hand. These photos were taken for the sole purpose of testing the Super Macro focus mode i saw in the camera of Fuji Finepix S5700 S700

These guys haven't reached the ground yet!, yea the rain drops......
Its easy to leave them unnoticed if you doesn't care to walk around and watch the nature close. In every leaves and flowers we may notice those tears of the nature clinging,  and taking their last breaths of life, before gonna fall down the plants or getting vaporized in the heat of sun-rays. Just gave a try to have them photographed, with a Digicam i wanted to test for its capabilities in seeing things closer.

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Big ganapathy statue in timber,sculpture shop,jew street old building,jew synagogue clock tower- photos of cochin jew street/ Kerala.cell phone photos

Images from antiques and sculpture shops of Jew street Cochin..Timber statue of hindu God Ganapathy, Ganapathy metal statues in macro lens mode,remainings of the Old Jew street buildings, Clock tower of the Jew Synagogue of Cochin/ kerala.. More photos are in other galleries awaiting your arrival and clicks..

ganesh hindu god wooden sculpture,big ganapathy statue made of timberLord Ganapathy In Wood

The big Wooden statue of Hindu Lord Ganapathy shown infront of an antique shoppe. Seems to be made of Teak Wood...Hmm wanna ask the price tag... You can ask when you go their... For us each of these shops seemed like small museums full of treasures... Really wanted to explore in more, but was in a little rush...

The wooden Work of Art will surely have a price tag of above ten thousand...Their is a speciality for the shops here..Incase you a foreign customer, you can just parcel the product to the ships from here, the shop itself.............A bit of convenience na..

lord ganesha small carving in metal photographGanapathy ... Small ones in metal...

The place has many of Lord Ganapathy sculptures..Seems the people admires him most here.. The photo is taken in macro mode..

ruins of old jew street of mattancherry cochin kerala indiaStill Thriving To Live...

An ancient remaining of the Jew street buildings..Seems like a window. watchout the nets..People don't want to lose the memories of the past..trying to keep things as much as they can..

clock tower with the old cig clock running still in jew sterrt of cochin india keralaRunning for Centuries!!!! and still Good to Go..........

The clock tower of the Jew Synagogue...The synogogue was built in 1500 AD s and the place celebrated its 400th birthday by 1960's and the late Honorable prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was the chief guest for the occasion......

photos by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson w810i(2mp)

More Galleries on this place..

Dutch palace museum

Mattancherry Jew Street

See ya.........

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Jew street Cochin/ Ernakulam/ Kerala-Photos of ganapathy statues carved in timber,antique pieces,street side attractions,Elephant toys,clay sculptures

This gallery is the continuation of the previous Jew Street gallery...Got some more photos and am posting it here..This time let me show you some real sculptural marvels aside the street, along with numerous antique pieces collected in the shops all over the place..

If you are a antique piece collector or a person who is a little curious about cultures in the past times you gonna love this place....The place has so many protected remnants from the past time, which can enlighten you with the life style of people lived there and the strength of religious harmony prevailed in times....Ohh have we lost it now!!! hope we w0n't...

Jew street is the witness of harmony between Hinduism and Christianity in kerala from historical times....The scene of Jew synagogue and Palace temple separated by a common wall of the dutch palace gives the proof.....It was the Raja of Cochin 'Ramavarma' who gave land for the jews here to make up their own community..

Hmm am now getting the sweet smell of the past culture while walking here.....oh na... its the aroma of the spices from the street spice shops....Hey... shall we move ...
You gonna get some images of some eye catching forms of handicrafts and arts like timber statues and carvings of the Hindu God Ganapathy, Small elephant timber toys, clay sculptures of Lord Buddha, and some other fancy toys from the street side shops along with some images on the antiques shops of Mattancherry jew street...

ganesha hindu god carved in wood for sale in the shops of mattancherry town jew street cochin kerala"Ganapathi Pouring Blessings To his Worshipers.."..

Can you guess how big is the subject from this photo....Hm i will say.. Its a small wooden plank and am taking the photo in macro mode..After carving the shapes i think the artist had made black markings to add effect to it..

I admire this for the clearcut precision the creator had done in carving this out of wood like painting a picture....What to say, these men are carrying magic in their hands...And a cute creation is before you....

decorative colourful curtain clothes in a fancy shop in mattancherry street side shop,cochin india kerala"Colourful Fancy items and Toys.."

Shops like this are seen around the town...So many cute and colourful toys are there...If kids are with you then you will be compelled to buy..........Hmm they worth for their beauty and vibrant colours, not for the strength.. Ofcourse they are meant for showcasing no, not at all for a tough play....You can see so many small wooden carved toys and ornaments in these shops...

Come on..... i will show you more..

elephant toys made of wood for sale in a street side shop of mattancherry ernakulam kerala,small-wooden-elephants,elephant-toySome of them are Making sounds...Can you hear that!!!

Lion roars, Snakes hizz, birds sings, fly buzz, and elephants?..Hmm the sound made by elephants is Trumpet...

The small elephant toys were seen in the front of a toy shop on our way back to boat..

antiques and sculpture shop from mattancherry old jew street india cochin keralaThe front view of an Antique Shoppe......

Wooden carved sculptures, copper vessels, Big earth made Pots, so many interesting utilities from the past culture..... You can see some type of oil lamps there usually having much number of spiral layers one over the other through a central copper strand, the similar ones used in temples and churches...

You may have heard of Pancha Loha sculptures..These are sculptures made of an alloy of five a combination of gold,silver,copper,iron and brass...The sculptures made of this alloy is invaluable and usually panchaloha is used to make sculptures of Gods or Murthys to place in temples...

sculptures made in clay,lord buddha etc are sculptured and put for sale in street shop in mattancherry cochinClay Sculptures.

mmhh a toy community with diversity...Watch the Sree Buddha's sculpture..I like the man standing in the center with raised hands..Hiss balloon like belly is cute..bald headed and wide may have seen him in many toy shops...

toys and fancy items in a street shop in mattancherry town cochin keralaAgain toys...A glance on the Street side toy shop

You can watch how these people converts invaluable pieces of wood and metals into cute small toys..The row of small elephants are keychains, and so many little cuter things are there..

Just some images from the street side shops of mattancherry town of cochin.. Hope can join you with more soon on some new tourist spots from kerala..their are more and many images on kerala's tourist spots and also attractions from mattancherry in other postings..

cu soon


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Kerala Flowers Closeup Snaps-Blanket Flower, blossom,sinea,& a dragon fly sitting on a yellow flower

Again some closeup nature photos.presenting you with some more flower photos featuring blanket flower or gaillardia, a dried flower; and also a dragon fly, all photographed in macro mode.The cameras are of sonyericsson mobile phones like K750, W810, etc..

Blanket Flower
blanket-flower-closeup,Gaillardia flowers,drought tolerant flowering plants,flower closeup digital photographBlanket Flower Closeup.Also called Gaillardia flowers.Look the blending of colors in this flower. its soo beautiful.The flower coloured like a burning flame which is reddish towards the center and yellowish towards the edges. Gaillardia is known for its drought sustaining capability. Its found that these blanket flower plants can bloom even in sands.
Photo taken from the garden of St Angelo's fort at kannur..

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Simple Red Flower Of Kerala
small red garden flower closeup mode photograph from home garden"Simple, Cute and Little red flower".. snap by friend from the school garden near our hostel.

Photo by: Arun
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Blossom-Violet Flowers
violet flowers of garden plant blossom taken from gardens in macro mode"Bloomed beauty..Blossom plant from a friend's home garden"....
A plant with violet flowers..You may have the interesting seed of this plant.. When the seeds that are following these flowers get ripe and if we just disturb them with a feeble touch, they will burst off spreading the plants seeds around..Hmmmm the natures way of spreading seeds...

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Cute Yellow Flower
yellow flowers closeup mode digital photograph from home gardens"A closeup shot of the yellow flower beauty"...

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Dried out Flower
dried up grey flower photo from gardens"Dried even though found something attractive".took from the premises of my hostel in a summer season.

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Dragon Fly in Yellow Garden Flower

dragon fly on yellow flower closeup mode digital image"Dragon fly in yellow flower"....took by Joji. Hmmm........ He is a bit talented in getting insects in his control...took from the school garden near our hostel...

Do you know.. these dragon flies are termed the fastest flying insects....They feeds on mosquitos, insects, bees etc.Have u ever got a bite from a dragonfly..hmm it is sooo good..try to taste it at the very next chance...

It is said that dragon flies are distinguished from damsel flies by observing their wings position while on rest.You know these insects are in the larvae stage for most part of their life under the water.They can be as larvae upto 5 years under water..And this flying stage as a dragon fly will last only for a few months and they dies off..

Photo by: Joji
camera:Sony Ericsson K750i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Bye for now friends.. hope we can meet again here in short time , with lot more from,
                   Pixelshots the photo blog.

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